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CEJ Distributors Ltd.

Established in 2015 CEJ Distributors Ltd has evolved from a sole trader establishment called So Cheap Wholesale which started operations from 2006. At CEJ we import over 150 containers every year from all corners of the globe. Our product line is ever evolving and encompasses several categories of products: • Household goods • Appliances/Electronics • Office Furniture • Toiletries • Diapers • Food & Beverages items • Snacks • OTC pharmaceutical items/medical supplies • Cleaning Supplies • Sourcing Dept.—drop shipments • Packaging • Restaurant Equipment • Motor Division.


Our products are sold throughout Trinidad & Tobago at all levels of the supply chain. From the largest supermarkets to the corner mini mart, variety stores, pharmacies, school cafeterias, re -wholesalers our reach is extensive. Our products are sold by the biggest chains in all categories of retailers: Massy Stores, Persads, JTA, TRu Valu, Fens, Xtra Foods, Pennywise, Holiday Snacks …to name a few.


Our suppliers cover a large global footprint, and includes countries such as: China, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S.A. For our expansive line of imports from China we have two offices, one located in Shenzhen and the other in Zhejiang province. This gives us the ability to easily source, inspect and consolidate product within mainland China. At Least 65% of all our merchandise originates from the far east.


 It’s our goal at CEJ Distributors Ltd. to always be competitive in any segment we divulge into, and at the same time offering quality products with unsurpassed service. It’s not just about selling a product to a customer and making the sale, it’s about the whole connection to us from buyer to seller to end consumer. We want everyone to be satisfied at every point of the transaction. In our eyes this is how you grow a sustainable business and maintain its longevity.

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CEJ Distributors Ltd.
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